Websites like cars must evolve to meet new public demands. Both are essential elements of our livelihoods assuming that growth is a desirable objective.While you would not consider building your own car, you might decide to construct your own website. There is after all, a great deal of hype about how easy it is to make your own website. So “why not try it” may be in your thoughts.

Only a decade ago there were simple, one page websites, and the whole idea was in the infant stage. Then evolution brought about the computer website and another site for mobile devices. Then after the first iPhone in 2007 people saw the necessity of bringing these entities together. Around 2011-12 a new technology called “responsive design” made its debut. To create one system that reconciled tiny mobile and desktop systems required a heavy amount of retooling for designers. They had to become proficient in Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS, and they had to integrate all of them under an advanced HTML.


What do these new technologies mean for your site? It makes itpossible for your website to run smoothly on both your computer and mobile devices. It means that people can find your business even when they are traveling and away from their home computers. Responsive design allows your business information to be available at the flip of a switch. Wow! Could an untrained business owner take the time to produce such a sophisticated site with all of its challenges? In responsive design pictures and photo galleries are very problematic; it is even a challenge for a seasoned designer.

Nevertheless some people might say yes, because there is a new trend in website development called WordPress. Many people think that this new program is going to allow them to easily produce their own website. I challenge anyone who is not schooled in WordPress to create a site that would be equal to one that is professionally designed. For a “selfie” a responsive site will consume your life for at least three months, and even then the result will be clunky. Can you really afford that? Besides, do you want to drive your family and friends to the point of tearing their hair out?

Assuming that you are rational, there are two ways to go. Hire an expensive firm where each of the staff is specialized in one area, or engage the services of an all-in-one web designer, who will be personally involved in your project. In the first case you will know only the point person, while in my realm, you will be involved from the beginning to the end. We discuss together your general as well as specific needs. You will be expected to participate in the various stages of production where you will see the value of having a personal designer. It is my promise that my clients be happy with their website, but our contact does not end there. I keep abreast of your needed changes.Your site is more than a product; it is a partnership.