SEO Trends for 2016

With a  New Year  there are all kind of trends that have come about in every aspect of our lives.  This is especially true in the technology field. One of the hot topics that is buzzing around is the Search Engine Optimization or (SEO):


With mobile surpassing desktop for searches the use of headings has become important. This trend will continue in 2016. It adds structure to the mobile search results, and will help in lowering the amount of data that is used on your device.

Video Content Will Overtake Written Content

In today’s culture consumers are more likely to sit through a five minute video rather than read content. Video will outpace written content in terms of reach, engagement and effectiveness. Vine, Periscope, Snapchat, and other video apps are partially responsible for this emphasis. These video apps set the users’ expectations toward more visual content. With video you have an opportunity to have a personal connection with the consumer.

Mobile-Optimization Will Become
More Important than Desktop

This trend actually started back in 2015 when we saw sites penalized because they were lagging behind in the mobile compliance area, Those companies that promoted the use of mobile compliant sites received a much higher ranking. Mobile searches surpassed desktop searches for the first time earlier this year. This shift will continue, so even if the changeover does not happen right away, you should be ready. NOW is the time to enable your website to be  mobile friendly.

Social Content Will be More Readily Indexed

In 2015 social media sites exploded. In 2015  they have become an important tool for your marketing. Google is already indexing Facebook, and Twitter. When you do a Google search, you will probably see these two companies come up. in 2016 there will be more  social media results. Social posts will carry a value and a consideration similar to any independent web page.  The separation of “web” and “social media” will begin to blur even further from an SEO perspective.