An E-Commerce Solution

An E-Commerce Solution

The trend for many years now has been going in the direction of e-commerce. Consumers love both its convenience and its speed, while companies find themselves in a more competitive market. The old habit of being loyal to a favorite store has died out. Whatever company has the best deal attracts the greatest number of consumers.The old staid companies cannot compete with the new online competitors. The most glaring examples are “Black Friday” and Cyber Monday which do much more online business than in-store sales. It seems that buying on line is more important for the time it saves than getting sales that are in the stores. The best example is

As Web Designers, we are expected to come up with designs, solutions, and implementations for the entire e-commerce network. Finding solutions for new programming and browsers, internet connections and security, has resulted in an entirely new industry. Some examples are Square Space and Shopify which are the latest additions. If you listen to their ads, it sounds as though designing your own store is as simple as drag and drop, or something you can create on a weekend. However in reality the amount of frustration will result in headaches and such poor results that nobody will stay on your site. If you really want to sell your product, a professional designer will save you an infinite amount of time and frustration. Furthermore it is a deductible item in your business income tax. Why bring on extra stress instead of enjoying your weekends with family and friends?

At Pixles Place Designs we listen carefully to your wishes, consult with you in the creation process, and guarantee your satisfaction. We are pleased to be a Shopify partner, meaning that we are able to design, and implement your Shopify e-commerce store, and customize it to fit the look of your brick and mortar store.

What we do for you

  • Choose the best plan for your needs
  • Set up your shopify account
  • Find a domain name or import your existing one
  • Determine the functions you need
  • Choose a theme
  • Load all of your products that you wish to sell
  • Design the look of your store.
  • Implement the SEO
  • Teach you how to fill the orders you received