Digital and Print Communications

Management Specialists

Pixles Place has a special interest in helping small businesses to improve their public relations and communications to clients and the public because that is where we believe that we can be most helpful. As most small businesses do not have a full-time marketing communications specialist. It’s even more important to have a good web presence. Usually most small businesses are unknown except within a small radius from their location, and it would be helpful for them to be exposed particularly to the seasonal vacationers that are attracted to Cape Cod. Their services and/or products are generally of good quality, but they need to be discovered. Understanding the client’s message and conveying that message in a way that makes people take notice is so important. We concentrate on making your vision a reality through innovative, intuitive and original designs. Working with our clients, not just for them, is essential to the success of the design. We believe in frequent communication with you, our client, so that you are comfortable with the process from start to finish.



My love of computers and design go hand in hand with my dual upbringing. I was born in NY but grew up in Tours, France. Early one I learned about the place of art and design in the lives of everyday French people. As I walked to school like all French kids and passed through a beautiful park I began noticing the workman planting trees and flowers and how each bed had a certain shape and a unique design. Then I began to notice the windows in the boutiques where each store window had a theme, and I loved to guess what it was. Whether it was for a particular holiday or just specific groups of people, animals, furniture or toys, they were all intriguing in their placement, shapes, colors and sizes. As I got older my mother and I would often look and talk about the clothes that women wore. Sometimes their attire was elegant, but more often they wore dresses, skirts and slacks just like Americans, but they looked like they had just stepped out of a designer’s boutique. How did they look so put together, so fashionable, and so attractive? I still don’t have the answer, but I never stopped thinking of design and what I might do with it as a career.

Regis College provided me with an individualized degree in management and communications, where I also discovered my interest in computers. With this in mind, I made sure that my graduate school of choice would also involve more computer study, choosing RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) where I could combine my interest in printing with design and computers. It was a fascinating trio even if there were some down days. While taking classes in Web Design, I knew that I had found my niche. I love making peoples’ lives a little bit better by designing a website that will make them proud and give their business credibility and panache.