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Today when one thinks “content”, the idea of mobile devices immediately pops up. . So much so that Google is changing its algorithm used to rank websites. It will be focused on “responsive”, meaning that the same content can be viewed on multiple devices


he reason for changing the algorithm is that the majority of searches […]

Websites: A “Selfie” or A Designer?

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Websites like cars must evolve to meet new public demands. Both are essential elements of our livelihoods assuming that growth is a desirable objective.While you would not consider building your own car, you might decide to construct your own website. There is after all, a great deal of hype about how easy it is to make your own website. So “why not try it” may be in your thoughts.

Only a decade ago there were simple, one page websites, and the whole idea was in the infant stage. Then evolution brought about the computer website and another site for mobile devices. Then after the first iPhone in 2007 people saw the necessity of bringing these entities together. Around 2011-12 a new technology called “responsive design” made its debut. To create one system that reconciled tiny mobile and desktop systems required a heavy amount of retooling for designers. They had to become proficient in Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS, and they had to integrate all of them under an advanced HTML.


Bienvenue à tous Welcome All

Pablo Picasso once said “Everything you can imagine is real.” I would like to invite you on a journey of how your imagination can become a reality.
It all started when I was growing up in Tours, France , where my love of design had taken root.
French boutiques are special. Store windows were like mini […]

Summer into Fall

As fall draws near I like to reflect on the past summer season. Although it was a busy one there was some great fun along the way. I can still taste that first tomato out of the garden, and those wonderful squash!

For us in technology it is important to find a way to get out into nature. This year I did just that with a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains! It was wonderful to get unplugged and reconnected with my family.