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What makes a consumer of a service or product choose one company over another? Is it customer service, good prices or is it the sales person? It might be all of these things, but when it comes to choosing a website design company, good customer service and reasonable prices seem most important.What is good customer service?  First it is knowing the customers’ objectives.There are some personal objectives certainly, but there are also some core concepts. It also may vary depending on where you live, for example big city vs. small town. You might not expect to have a personal connection with your website designer in a big city, but  Pixles Place Design is located in Cape Cod Massachusetts where the personal connection is very important.

As owner of Pixles Place I believe strongly that the best way to please clients is to establish a  partnership between the proprietor and myself. I provide the technical expertise, and make suggestions, but I also listen and ask questions as to how the client envisions the representation of their business.

At Pixles Place we make sure that the  client is involved every step of the way. We look at it as more of a conversation than a business meeting. We also pride ourselves in translating the technical jargon into plain english so the client will not be intimidated, and get frustrated. In the web design world the personal touch is extremely rare to find. There are constant changes in a small business, and they need to have a web manager who is local, and can be reached anytime.