As fall draws near I like to reflect on the past summer season. Although it was a busy one there was some great fun along the way. I can still taste that first tomato out of the garden, and those wonderful squash!





For us in technology it is important to find a way to get out into nature. This year I did just that with a trip to the Great Smokey Mountains! It was wonderful to get unplugged and reconnected with my family.


You don’t have to go off Cape to enjoy nature. There is a fabulous nature trail at the Natural History Museum in Brewster. Along with the wonderful neighborhood beaches that surround towns. Summer is a great time to explore new parts of the Cape.

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I know what some are going to say, what about the traffic? Well that is true, but when you arrive at your destination it is a feeling of accomplishment. During the last couple of seasons I have taken up vegetable gardening. When you grow up eating fresh vegetables from a farm it is hard to eat vegetables that are trucked in. I am still in the learning process, but there is no greater feeling than growing your own. (pictures of our garden from last year) We are in September, and it is a great month to be on Cape Cod, but for those of us who like the warm weather, the sudden cooling off is a great shock to the system. On the other hand the fall colors and getting ready for comfort food meals helps me get over the shock.What is your favorite Comfort Food Meal?

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